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Our goal is to make sense out of the complexities of civil litigation, to bring the parties clarity and solve problems impacting you personally and professionally.

About Lindsey Brock Law

The focus of Lindsey Brock Law is to bring clarity to what may appear to be complex issues and disputes. Our goal is to assess risk and avoid it whenever possible. We endeavor to solve problems as they arise in a proactive, efficient and cost-effective manner. Since 1993, our lawyers have served local clients in Florida, national and regional clients throughout the United States, and internationally, with our extensive connections in London, UK. While the firm’s offices are geographically located in Florida, we are frequently retained to consult and appear across the United States and into the Caribbean.

Lindsey Brock Law is a place with genuine people who are proven, specialized and uniquely qualified to practice law in our respective fields. Every internal and external relationship is rooted in empathy and compassion as we are mindful of the situations and circumstances our staff and are clients are facing. We commit ourselves to being responsive and reliable, providing efficient and resourceful solutions to secure positive outcomes.

By approaching each consultation and assignment with a tailored innovative strategy and by remaining proactive, invested and engaged, we have earned trust – from and for our clients, from juries, from judges and from opposing side across the country and internationally. Our vigilant honesty, combined with our visionary approach and authentic integrity, leads to success for our clients, for out staff, and for our families, whom we hold equally important.

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Admiralty and Maritime Law

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Businesses and individuals will call us when a dispute or action arises, which triggers the need to talk to an expert.

  •  check Scope of the problem
  •  check Complexity of the issue
  •  check Knowledge/understanding
  •  check Available Options


Before engaging in a course of action commonly associated with risk, businesses and individuals will call us to mitigate risk and prevent it.

  •  check Level of risk
  •  check Potential Damage
  •  check Loss of Business Control
  •  check Uncertainty
  •  check Resolution


Our attorneys guide and counsel individuals, institutions and businesses through the complexities of conflict resolution using the full extent of the United States and International Legal System.

Our intent is always to serve clients in an efficient and effective manner. We combine our knowledge and experience to find the best solution possible. Our ability to navigate murky contracts, constantly evolving government regulations and unanticipated happenstance, has earned our clients financial recompense, peace of mind and justice.

Lindsey C. Brock III


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Bar Admissions:

We are admitted to:
-The 9th and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeals
-United States District Courts for the Northern, Middle & Southern districts of Florida
-The Eastern District of MI
-United States Supreme Court

Peer and Counsel Honors:

Maritime Associations

-Maritime Law Association – Proctor Members
-Federal Bar Association Admiralty and Maritime Law Section
-American Bar Associations Admiralty and Maritime Law Section
-Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute
-Florida Bar Admiralty Law Committee
-Florida Bar Admiralty Law Certification Committee

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