Maritime Product Liability

Whether onshore or on the water, products fail every minute of every day as a result of faulty design, construction, manufacture, lack of maintenance, improper use, etc. The smallest product failure can cause immeasurable damages and injury. For over 25 years, the attorneys at Lindsey Brock Law have represented individuals and business clients to resolve issues arising from:

  • Product Defect Origin and Cause Investigation and Litigation
  • Enforcement and Defense of Warranty, Breach of Contract, Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practice claims
  • Supplier, Manufacturer, Dealer/Distributer Liability
  • Ship Repairer Liability
  • Construction Defects
  • Broker Liability
  • Defective & Unsafe Marine Product
  • Surveyor Liability
  • False Advertising

Defective products can cause serious property damage, bodily injury and even death. Any part of the vessel can be defective including engines, generators, electronics, batteries, propellers, fuel tanks, etc. The defect can be a result improper design, manufacture, and/or installation.

Defective products disputes are often considered “products liability” cases and can be complex. For example, there are differing laws and standards related to a defect causing personal injury as opposed to property damage.

A proper defect origin and cause investigation is critical to determine the proper parties, causes of action and/or defenses. Claims including breach of warranty, breach of contract, false advertising, fraud and unfair and deceptive trade practices, negligent survey, often arise. If personal injury is involved, defendants may potentially be held to a strict liability standard.

The attorneys at Lindsey Brock Law have over 25 years of experience responding to and representing clients in marine product liability claims. Our team works with institutional clients, individual clients, and insurers on a regular basis to recover for and/or defend marine products liability claims and customizes every response to meet the needs that best suits each client.


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