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With over 50 years of combined legal experience in the courts of Florida and many other States, Lindsey Brock Law is select among American law firms in its ability to provide superior and cost-effective service in the areas of transportation and logistics matters. More importantly, we know that you are placing your reputation into our hands when we serve as your counsel. Our team oriented approach knows the value of every team member. We employ a collaborative model to claims handling and litigation; we advise – you decide.

Our attorneys bring unique and valuable experiences to the benefit of our clients. Experienced in the courtroom, we have also served in advisory roles to government as well as corporate executives and boardrooms of small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies. Our lawyers have served as first-on-site advisors for major claims on land based and marine based transportation losses.

Multimodal transportation makes it an imperative to gather all documents in the cargo chain of custody quickly. We work with surveyors to guide and identify not just the nature and extent of a cargo loss, but also cause and origin so that responsibility can be placed quickly and accurately. Be it time delays, equipment malfunctions, or plain mishandling of cargo, we work to find responsibility where it properly lies.

We have assisted water and land carriers, NVOCC’s, freight forwarders, as well as their customers in loss situations throughout the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. Our attorneys assist clients to prepare and review transportation contracts, logistics agreements, equipment leases, independent contractor agreements, shipping documents, rate tariffs and carrier interchange agreements.

In a published decision, Transamerica Leasing, Inc. vs. Institute of London Underwriters, our attorneys successfully represented London underwriters through trial and appeals regarding the lack of standing as an additional assured by a container leasing company, successfully defending against a multi-million dollar claim for lost containers and recovering fees and expenses for underwriters.

We are experienced in the coordination of claims activity for complex coverage models and large retentions, and managing major claims from event to final release gives us perspective few lawyers share. We are the experienced counsel you need to assist with critical determinations in every loss scenario.

We take pride in our results and believe the ultimate validation of our efforts is a satisfied client. We would be pleased to discuss further how we can add value for you and your team with our in-depth knowledge and broad experience in serving the changing and dynamic fields of transportation and business logistics.

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